Too much miss and not enough hit

Review for The Rushcutters

Having moved near to the Rushcutters about 5 years ago, it has been on our list of pubs to go to for a meal. Unfortunately in those 5 years it has been a case of it being rather hit and miss – and therein lies the problem.
The actual place is fine, it occupies a very good location by the river and has plenty of tables and good outside seating. Also the food is very good – you can pretty much guarantee that what you get is of a high standard for pub food.
The problem is that the food does not always actually make it to your table or there are too many instances where availability is poor.
The staff are either too over the top or just don’t care.
Take our recent visit – Bank Holiday Monday – not very busy at about 7pm.
We had booked at table for 2 at 7pm – there were plenty of empty tables but of course our table wasn’t ready. After being asked to “bear with” 3 times we were informed that we could take a seat just inside the door or get a drink at the bar. Well there was a free table with comfy seats in the bar area so we took advantage. I went to the bar, but of course no bar staff could be seen to take an order. If you have a large bar then it needs to be manned – it just gives the impression that they don’t really want bar drinkers – just restaurant eaters. Anyway eventually we were taken to our allocated table and immediately asked if we wanted to order before we had even been shown a menu! Then we were given the menu of the day (a cut down version of the usual one) and were told some of the dishes were not available. We both ordered a burger and waited….and waited. Some time later we were told by one of the staff member that they had chased our burgers (god knows if someone had gone off with them or the cow had escaped again), but about 5 minutes later they arrived. My wife had ordered sweet potato fries – but of course these were missing and the impolite waitress suggested she’d go and get em. By the time we had both finished eating they still had not arrived – we got the obligatory “was everything alright with your meals” to which they got the obvious response. Miraculously they knew what hadn’t arrived but nobody had come out to say why there was a delay or even that they wouldn’t be arriving at all. Needless to say, that meal wasn’t being paid for. After refusing any more drinks or desserts we paid – I suggested that the whole experience had been “poor” and that we would not be back having given them the benefit of the doubt on so many occasions. Conclusion…good food when you get it, mediocre service, poor experience overall. You may be lucky.