I love this place..nothing else to say!

Review for Turtle Bay

First of all – it did seem a bit stingy that they restrict the time you are allowed to have your table, but having visited 2 times now, this is not a problem and does not seem to be adhered to – we visited on Saturday nights both times.

Right, so straight away let’s get into the cocktails! Yes they are 2 for 1 until 7 (well actually they stretch it out a bit so probably until 10 or ever quarter past seven), there are a great many to choose from but to get 2 for 1 you have to order 2 of the same drink – no problem! Also probably easier to make 2 identical at once rather than 2 completely different ones.

There is the obvious quese for the bar but serving time is not so bad plus they have plenty of bar staff, you can also have them brought to your table.

OK onto the food, as I have said I have visited twice and have had no issue with anty of the food. Whether it is authentic caribbean fare is up for debate – but what they do do it good food, serve3d with a smile with a backdrop of the caribbean and music to match.

Also gents, check out the sink in the toilets – it’s a spare wheel in shape with tyre – very cool.

My verdict – for something a bit different with a really good vibe – you can’t go wrong.

My one disappointment, when we sat in the VW camper van, it wasn’t a real one – lol!