Good Food Venue Needs A Spruce Up

Review for The New Forge

A group of 13 of us visited The New Forge for a birthday meal – the mail courses had all been pre-ordered but there was a considerable wait for the food to arrive. The fair consists of a mixture of Thai and English food. Everybody siad their food was good so no complaints – personally I had a giant king prawn Penang curry which was extremely tasty – 3 massive prawns with half shell on in spices with onions and peppers served with a small portion of rice. All very tasty, well cooked and well presented. Desserts were particularly generous and again really good and very reasonably priced considering the general trend for desserts to ascend the price scale. So the food was very good but unfoirtunately it looks like the place hasn’t undergone any kind of update since the last time I was there when it was The Greens. Tired decor, untidy surroundings, wonky chairs, old sticky bar tables – spice up the surroundings like the food The New Forge could be onto a winner.