Do not rush to The Rushcutters!

Review for The Rushcutters

We went to this pub for a dinner with 13 family members on a Saturday night. It was absolutely packed and we had to wait for our table as the people before us had been late arriving. Although the waitress was very nice, the food was not that great. We had three meals that were bland, the peas were absolutely horrible and two of the dinners came up wrong and had to be returned, (despite the fact that the waitress had told the chef) therefore two of our party didn’t eat at the same time as everyone else. I would not really want to recommend this restaurant and will not be visiting again. For the money I would expect a little bit more. We didn’t have a dessert as there wasn’t a great choice. We expressed our concerns to the restaurant manager and he said that he was sorry we had had a bad experience and wanted everyone to leave happy and would like us to try the restaurant again. That would be good, but no real incentive for us to do so and we left unhappy. After this experience we will not be bothering, and it is unlikely that any of the thirteen people will either. It is a good thing there are sites like this where we can share our experiences.