Always a good meal at the F&F

Review for The Fur and Feather Inn

The Fur and Feather is always a good place to visit for a good quality, filling pub style meal. Couple that with the Woodfordes brewery being on-site and you have a guaranteed good experience. We have been there many times and never had a bad meal. Portions are always generous (sometimes a bit too generous) and the food is always well cooked and well presented. Staff are attentive and look after you as you require without being to over the top. In the summer the outside space is excellent with lots of tables and it can get quite busy. During the rest of the year, there is plenty of seating inside with the bar area and restaurant areas at either end of the bar. There is an excellent range of beers from the Woodfordes range. My only negative is they seem to have stopped brewing Sundew (my summer fave) but you will not be disappointed with a visit to the F&F.